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Thank you Newgrounds

Posted by Zickar - June 14th, 2008

Its been 2 or so years since I first joined newgrounds, Maybe I haven't added that much to newgrounds but Newgrounds had definetly added a lot to me, it has enriched my life and inspired me to go ahead and be more creative

My first Audio submission was approved today after all the Audio Mods had to do, I never thought it would make it ... Its not much really, just a 10 sec loop I'm planning on improving and working on in the future I hope ... Its not much and I really feel so small looking at all those good audio artists out there but it was a big step for me ... This was my first genuine attempt to make music instead of reproducing it and I won't think twice about doing it again and again

It has been a remarkable two years and now I finally understand Newgrounds and all my FAQs are answered , I remember my first encounter with Newgrounds was quite intimdating ... I don't know how I got here, Probably traced back some porn or something :lol: But I'm glad I found you guys, Talking to new artists and animators makes me feel that I'm not alone outhere trying to find my way through Flash ..

It has been a remarkable two years and now I'm ready to make the first step from being a passive viewer to hopefully a more active contributor as I put the last touches on my first ever flash movie intended for uploading on Newgrounds and as I get ready to work on better and longer audio

It has been a remarkable two years and I hope it will be an eternity with Newgrounds as we all burn in hell one day ... Thank you Tom Fulp and Thank you Newgrounds for being a new ground for everything

Thank you Newgrounds

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Wow, quite the story, cool to see this website did so much for you.