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Sysadmin Aprreciation day my ass

Posted by Zickar - July 27th, 2008

Yesterday was SysAdmin Appreciation day (SAAD), or maybe yesterday was the first time I knew this day even existed, cause I didn't know there was lot to appreciate the guys at IT for ... At least I know I don't exactly have that much to thank them for.

I work at as a Graphic Designer at a TV station, and for a line of work that is supposed to have top of the line support by the IT department, the support is kind of crappy.Sure they manage to replace the ink on your printer after a few days or track down a bug that's been F*****g up your computers for months but is that enough.

I think its really hard when the guy on top of you don't really appreciate or understand what you are doing, now one of the main fears of the guys at IT is security so they always try to block sites that are malacious but sites that they think are malacious might not be malacious (Like Crack sites and Torrent portals) and I sometimes resort to them to get on the scene instant solutions, But not anymore, they track every one of these sites down and shut them.

The guys at IT also might be driven by Corprate to take action against time draining sites like Social Networks and Flash gaming sites and Streaming Media Portals, But sometimes it feels they have taken it a bit too far .... IT has blocked a number of sites like Facebook and Myspace and some flash gaming sites but we were able to go around them using virtual browsers and hacks but now they got a new security system with its very own regularly updated Database, and its blocking everything, From Youtube and Google Video all the way to Newgrounds ... the resources have been drained to the minimal with just Deviant art of the patch opening.

Now what guys at IT fail to understand is that sometimes we use sites like Newgrounds for creative purposes like looking at other flash work for inspiration or using maybe sites like Youtube to research a certain theme or Idea and even maybe some Malacious sites to get some illegal tune when we don't have the time to go legal ... What they fail to realize is how we work and how this can affect our work.

Up until now this hasn't affected the quality of the work but it soon will, and we will see who will be the one leaughing then

Sysadmin appreciation day my ass, Sorry if there were any ITs around but these guys really p!ss me off, Arrogant bastards

Image by Pyro Professor on Deviant art : CLick here

Sysadmin Aprreciation day my ass